Electric Shop Crane

The Features of Electric Shop Crane

  •  High-power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic pump;
  •  Man machine integrated multi-function control handle, traveling steeples governor;
  •  Shop cranes have 3 position design, wide lifting range, the second position can easy to adjust the arm distance through the cylinder;
  •  The hook can be controlled up and down by remote control;
  •  Manned pedal can move crane easily;
  •  It has two outriggers to ensure the safety of product operation.
Jib lengthملی میٹر (میں)1620(63.8)2470(97.2)2670(105.1)2870(113)3070(120.9)3270(128.7)
Rated capacitykg(lb)1000(39.4)650(25.6)562.5(22.1)475(18.7)387.5(15.3)300(11.8)
Jib rotation angle ±60°
Max climbing ability
رداس کا رخملی میٹر (میں)2150(84.6)
Overall width of legملی میٹر (میں)852(33.5)
اگلا پہیہملی میٹر (میں)∅150x50(∅5.9x1.97)
پچھلا پہیہملی میٹر (میں)∅250x80(∅9.8x3.15)
بریکElectromagnetic braking
موٹر چلانے کی طاقت1.2 kw
Power of lifting motor2.2 kw
Cable lengthملی میٹر (میں)10(0.4)
Closed dimensionLxWxH  mm(in)2200×1100×2155(86.6x43.3x84.8)
کل وزنkg(lb)1070(42.1)